Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glacier Get-Away

I am home. The car is mostly unloaded, the bags are unpacked and dirty laundry in a pile ready for sorting & washing. The girls are loved up on, though that will continue as I don't think it's sufficiently "done" yet. And the pictures are off the camera and onto the laptop which means I can blog! :-)

Erik is already off and back to work, which happens fast when you own your own business and you've been gone for a few days. I'm super grateful that he's got the guys working for him that he does, because they are so good that they enable us to even have the option to leave, but there are still things that need Erik's finesse, and so he's back to work already.

I am putting off doing the laundry and the girls are playing so nicely together--I love how when they are gone for a while, coming home to their rooms and toys is like Christmas and they play so well with everything they missed--so I decided to share a few pics with you.

Ah, Lake McDonald. The prettiest spot in the park, that you can access right now. The thing about visiting Glacier in the winter is that most of it is unaccessible. The Sun road is only open to Lake McDonald lodge on the west and the East is even less open. You can drive up to the lodge and hike in a bit, though, and that was cool, but nothing like what you can see in the summer.

The typical hold your arm out picture of the two of us.

It's dark, but a guy offered to take our picture, so its better than nothing.

Erik above the creek that feeds into the Lake on our little "hike".

Me on our hike. It was absolutely beautiful that day, sunny and warm enough to only wear the vest, and yes I needed those sunglasses. The snow was hard--like it had melted a bit and then frozen, so it was too hard for snowshoes and too slippery in parts for just hiking boots. This make hiking a difficult task, we only ended up doing 2 different short hikes/walks because of it. This was the 1st full day we were in the area and it was perfect.

On our adventure to East Glacier. This is taken on the road to Two Medicine, which was too snowy and rutted to make it very far and the road to  St.Mary's actually ended at the road to Two Medicine. It was rather disappointing, but I guess it was still a pretty drive.

Erik on our 2nd hike/walk. It had snowed the night before.

And it was chilly, no more sunglasses and give me my hat! :-)

Glacier is beautiful, even in the winter, but this time of year doesn't make for much to do. The snow wasn't too good for snowshoeing and it was too slick for hiking. We ended up driving into Kalispell and tooling around almost every day. There are some neat places to shop and eat there, as well as a movie theater, so we weren't bored. But combine that with missing our kiddos, and we decided to come home a day early and I'm glad. It was a great trip, Erik and I had a lot of fun together, but its nice to know that we like our life here so much that we are eager to return, too.

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