Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few things

-My seven year old just poured her and her little sister a bowl of lucky charms with milk. She got down the bowls by herself too. Guess that means she's growing up.

-Am in the midst of my Bloomsday training and today we did 6 miles out at the fort. It felt wonderful. I don't think I've gone that far since last summer. It has been really cool lately to see my "lil" Sunday morning running group grow. Last year we had four of us that had surged to sometime 4 or 5 by the fall. This winter it was mostly us four 'die-hards'. Today there were ten of us in total, seven running and three walking various distances. Most of us are training for Bloomsday and/or the Marathon in July. I love seeing new faces out there and watching women just starting to walk or run get better and better at it. There is just something rewarding about that accomplishment. I love it. I think I can see why and how people get into coaching and training others, it's super rewarding to help someone realize what they are capable of. One of these days I'll actually remember to bring my camera to a run. Today the sun is shining and its beautiful, would've been perfect! Oh well.

-Have been doing a little more beading, especially as gifts for friends. I think giving someone something hand-made is really special so I've been trying to do that when I can for gifts. Here is something I made Friday night. I went to the beading store for inspiration and when I saw the purple beads I knew they'd be perfect. I wanted something more understated as opposed to a large central bead, so I picked the longer tube beads first and then the smaller ones to vary the sizes and shapes. I really like how it turned out. I hope she likes it too! :-)

- It's only February and this is already what I can see in my front flower bed. It is in direct sunlight (that is when the sun chooses to shine around here, which during the winter isn't much) so it does bloom pretty early, but still, it seems odd to see these green shoots already.

- My dear hubby and I are going away! We leave on Friday and are going to spend a week up in West Glacier at these charming little cabins just the two of us. We'll borrow my parents' snoshoes and hopefully get some good hike/walks in. I absolutely love Glacier and don't see it in the winter months much, so am excited to see how it looks this time of year. That and the time with my honey away from it all will be great! The last few trips we've taken have been with others like kids and parents, so it's been a while since it was just the two of us. I think that is so important in a marriage to take time away as just a couple, it helps you re-focus on each other and is just plain fun. I'm looking forward to it. :-)


  1. I love the necklace! I'm sure that whoever you're giving it to will also love it.

    Mom was telling me about your little running group - I wish I was there so I could run too! Oh well, it will be nice to see you in May for Bloomsday.

    Have an amazing time in Glacier! You're right, it is important for you two to have time together.

    Love you! Miss you tons.

  2. Oh have fun. So important to get away every now and then:)


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