Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow. Snow? Snow!

It's finally a winter wonderland here. I think we got somewhere between 6 and 8 inches of fluffy white snow over the weekend. It's beautiful. And as we waited at the bus stop this morning I noticed that the snow also makes it really quiet, too. Its almost eerie. The kids really wanted to play outside in it yesterday, but unfortunately we had a pretty busy day and so it didn't happen. I felt bad because Kera has been waiting and waiting to be able to make snow angels. I'm hoping it can happen for them after school today.
Having snow makes it feel more like the Christmas season, which is nice, but every winter I'm reminded of one thing when the white stuff finally decides to fall from the sky: I absolutely hate driving in it. I've had to, such is life in Montana, but each winter I can't help but think how nice it would be to live somewhere where you wouldn't have to drive in snow, ever. If someone could come up with an invention that allowed the snow to fall everywhere but the sidewalks and roads, they'd be a millionaire and a hero in my mind. And thats another grief that I have: the sidewalks, even if they get shoveled they are still snowy and sometimes icey, which makes running outside kind of treachorous. I've seen the little traction things you can put on your shoes, but I'm not sure I could actually run with them on my shoes or if they'd help and I don't want to spend the money to find out. Now there are some fun winter activities that I enjoy, snow-shoeing and sledding, but running is my favorite and now that I'm limited to only the treadmill I'm not as excited about doing it. I guess its time to pull out the various workout videos for a couple months!

So part of what we had going on yesterday was a birthday party for my little sister. I'd invited her over for lunch and she didn't know the I'd also invited the rest of our family and a couple of her friends, so she was pleasantly surprised to find that all out. It was cool, I love surprising people.  She's a great sister (my favorite even if she's the only one, hee hee) and it was a pleasure to treat her to lunch and all the fixin's of a birthday. She's not always lived in the same city as me and so its really nice to be able to have her as a part of my life, and vice versa I think. My girls love her youngest son and her oldest son puts up with my girls. It's kind of entertaining. It was a good time, here are a few snapshots...

My sister and her cute boys

My sister and her youngest and my cute girls. Notice Lindsays shorter hair? I love her haircut!

Remember Pop Rocks, the candy? You know the kind you use to love eating as a kid--little rocks that popped and crackled once they got in your mouth. Well, the girls' Grandma and Papa bought Lindsay some on Saturday at the mall while Erik and I were on a date and Lindsay was eating them yesterday during the birthday party, sharing with her cousins of course. But it was funny watching them get all excited about the popping, just like we did as kids!

My youngest nephew and my sister's youngest boy, is forced to play with the various girl toys in our house when he comes over, yesterday I walked back to find him reading books while sitting in the girls' toy baby crib. It was adorable.

And finally, me (in my sweats, hair not done and no makeup) and Kera clowning around with the camera. Geez, I look old when I am not all done up!

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