Friday, December 18, 2009, who? huh?

I live in a college town, and as college towns go, we have our football team and its kind of a big deal to most folks who live here. It's even more of a big deal when said football team makes it to the championship game for it's division or whatever thats called in football jargon. So, anyway, its a big deal, this game. The team and cheerleaders and all the people a team needs to go on (athletic trainers, etc.) all went down to Tennesee. (I think). Lots of people waved at them as they drove to the airport, with banners and flags and all sorts of crap stuff flying. Then there are regular ol' people like me who paid money (lots of it) to fly down and watch this game in person, and well I think almost everyone who isn't already down there will be watching this game on the television tonight. I say everyone because it's all I have been hearing about and reading about for the past week. I went to volunteer in Kera's classroom today, and half the kids and adults had their Griz gear on. The kids even listened to a band at school the other day play the fight song for the team, whatever that is. We had a Christmas/White Elephant party planned for tonight that got changed into a "Watch Football" party. Even on facebook, all I have seen in status updates for folks around here is related to this game.

I must confess, I have absolutely no desire to watch this game tonight. It's not that I even care who wins, obviously it would be cool if we won and I would never cheer for the other team, but that's just it, I'm not really ever gonna cheer, period.

Is it wrong that I think its going to be a waste of my time to watch this game? That I'd rather spend the evening watching a movie with my family or playing cards or baking or reading or even sleeping? Is it wrong that my kids are excited about it (they have no clue, I think its just because there was hoopla at school about it) and I put on a smile just so I don't completely ruin it for them?

I just don't enjoy sports, or to be specific, I don't enjoy watching sports. About the only sport I like to watch is stuff at the Olympics, like ice skating, gymnastics and the track & field stuff. All that other stuff, it's just boring, it feels like a waste of time. I can usually find ten million other things I'd rather be doing. And its not just me, that's my whole family, both E and the girls would rather be outside 'doing' than inside watching someone else 'do'. Our television is never turned on for Monday night football or March Madness or the World Series, and I mean never. The only thing its ever been turned on for was the Super Bowl, once.

I'm going to the football watching party tonight, mostly because I feel like I should. My friends will be there, so at least I can hang out with them, and there will be dinner, and the kids can play with their friends. But I can tell you the actual game won't be very entertaining, I mean its not even like there'll be good commercials like during the Super Bowl.


I could be getting a ton of scrapbooking done tonight.

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