Thursday, October 29, 2009

We'll see.

Like the new layout? Yeah, I needed something different. It's better than it was, but not sure if its gonna stick. We'll see.

I am three days (counting today) away from starting NaNoWriMo 2009. What is NaNoWriMo you ask? No, it has nothing to do with H1N1, this is National Novel Writing Month. It is a month of writing, with the goal to reach 50,000 words by November 30th. Its a great opportunity for anyone who's ever thought "I'd like to write a novel", because the focus is output and not exactly quality--its just about getting those words on the page. I like it because its a way to really immerse myself in writing for a month and gets the creative juices flowing and helps me get into the habit of writing. Well, that's the idea. Last year I did it, and although I reached the goal of 50,000 words in a month, I was so burnt out by the end that I've only touched what I wrote that month a couple times in the last year. It still sits in mostly the same state as it looked on November 30, 2008. Maybe this year will be different--I hope so since I'll have a bit more free time. We'll see.

I'm finally feeling healthy enough to get outside and run or walk and so the last couple of days its been nice to do so. It's definitely colder here than fall temperatures, but I just bundle up and get going. I'm usually peeling off both gloves and ear-warmer by the end of the workout anyways. There is just something really invigorating about going for a run or walk when the weather is cooler, I'm really starting to like it. It was nice to listen to my new music too, since I finally got the whole iTunes formating to mp3 thing figured out. It really wasn't that difficult once I looked at it with a clear head and calm attitude. I'm still a PC through and through however. :-) Anyway, my goal is to keep walking and running throughout the winter--the only thing that could stop me is if the weather is bitter cold or the roads are icy (of course then I have my treadmill as backup)--so we'll see how I do with that goal.

I'm really interested in making this blog better, having it be "more" for lack of a better word. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that, but I just want it to be more than me retelling my days or what we're doing as a family, you know? So, my question is for you, dear readers (all seven of you), what would you like to see in this here blog? What would really make you want to check it everyday for new posts? We'll see what you say. :-)

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