Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Month!

Happy October! It is my favorite month and I'm so happy its finally here. We've had summer type weather all the way up until yesterday and I'm so grateful the coolness has finally arrived. Now, if it would just hang on for a few weeks and let me enjoy autumn before we dive into winter!

October is my favorite month for various reasons...the weather, the leaves changing, school, Halloween and birthdays. And not just mine, but a huge majority of my dearest and oldest friends also celebrate their birthdays this month. I had it in my head that I wanted to do something different this year but with tightening the purse strings I decided sending cards would have to do. So then I was inspired to make each friend a special card with memories and etc, each proclaiming how that friend was special because our friendship had withstood the test of time, distance, marriage, kids, jobs, etc. But, here it is the first of October and I've not had the time to sit down and make the special cards. Oh, don't you worry, I'll still be sending cards--I think that's important in this day and age, they just won't be specifically special. :-(

Then it hit me as I was running this morning--which as a side note, running produces the best opportunity for me to think and I come up with some great ideas--maybe I could still do something special for each friend, besides a card. And so, I present to you, my October birthday friend list....

4th: Mom -- of course she's known me my whole life, and I'm grateful to have her as my mom. I've learned a lot from her and enjoy spending time with her, I know I'll only learn more from her as time goes on. Love you Mom!

8th: Hattie-- Thanks for housing me and the girls when we came down, you rock as hostess! And you know how grateful I am for your friendship oh so many years ago when I almost quit school! I have so many great memories of working with you at Riley Library, eating mexican food and sitting in various English classes! :-)

10th: Grandma Donna -- I am excited to visit you for your birthday this year and am grateful my girls can know you and love you like I do!

12th: Adryann -- I'm glad we've been able to reconnect this past year, its really cool to see your family and how its grown! Thanks for helping with what seemed like a traumatic move to a 14 year old!

16th: Lindsay -- I just realized the other day that we've been friends for 20 years!! That seems like a crazy huge number its almost unreal. I still totally remember our huge slumber partys and I'm sure our parents do too! :-)

19th: Deana -- My coffee and camping friend! :-) Thanks for all the great chats over yummy coffees, we really need to make that double date happen soon, its so much fun hanging out with you and Greg.

22nd: Staci -- I think that whoever was in charge of placing transfer students in housing 13 years ago should get an award, because us being roommates was one of the best things about college. We've been through a lot together, some good and some bad, and I'm grateful that we're still friends! I have so many great memories with you too, way more than I could include here! Although my favorite was telling everyone we were twins born on different days!

22nd: Andranel -- My Glacier friend, for you I am grateful. It still cracks me up that before I met you, I thought you were a guy (Andrewnel), I am such a dork. Great memories of hiking in the rain and mud, singing in the campgrounds and every other crazy thing we did that summer.

27th: Marjorie -- Although we were never in the same spot for very long, it was always great to see your smiling face at church in Missoula and then at NNC for a while. I still remember going with you to some creek/rock place west of I'm glad we've remained friends!

29th: Sacha -- My secret sister :-) You know I still have most all of those ceramic cats I got when we were secret sisters! It was so good to see you and your boys (was that already 2 years ago?) and hopefully I will see you at Thanksgiving in Sidney, I wanna meet that new little boy! :-)

In no way is this list all inclusive, but I'm pretty sure that's everyone. :-) Happy Birthday all! Love,


  1. Kendra! How sweet. Thanks for keeping it ambiguous! ;) I'm a teacher now. Ha!

  2. YOU'RE A NANOWRIMO WINNER??!?!?!?!?!?!?! Are you writing this year? Why aren't we buddies? My whole team at school is writing...108 8th graders and me. fdjklaflkjh aljkdfhakushfkjsdfhlkjsadfhkljhfd


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