Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mommy & Daughters Adventure, continued

MK Nature Center

Splashing in the fountain.

My friend Laurie and I and our kiddos.

Lindsay cooling off.

Kera playing in the water at Settlers Park.

Kera at the Discovery Center.

Lindsay at the Discovery Center.

Discovery Center, again.

Settler's Park.

So, for the duration of our stay in the Boise-area, most of our activities were kid-friendly or kid-chosen. The day after the zoo we decided to hit the mall, since it was the hottest of our days there and the thought of A/C was good. We finished up school shopping for the kids and then met my old roommate Staci at The Olive Garden for dinner. I love the Olive Garden and jump at any chances to eat there if I'm in a town that is blessed to have one. It was a good day--the shopping was fun, which is a surprising new development with the girls, or at least "the" girl. Until this year shopping with Lindsay has been almost torture as she's picky and hard to fit. But suddenly she cares about fashion and not just how the clothes fit, but also how they look and she's excited to try stuff on. It's weird. She still detests jeans, which is a bummer, but maybe she'll grow out of that. Probably in time to want the $90 pair. ha.

We hit some pretty cool spots down there: there is a super neat park, Settlers Park, in Meridian and it was great for the girls. Lots of play equipment, shade trees and water feature, we went there twice--once to burn off some energy and once to meet my other old-roommate Laurie and her cute kiddos. We also went to a park in the Boise area, I think it was called Ann Morrison, it had a big fountain that we'd intended to let the kids play in but they had so much fun on the equipment we never made it over there. We went to the Discovery Center, which had lots of cool science stuff and also the MK Nature Center which had lots of cool, yep, nature stuff. We did Build-a-Bear at the mall and went to a Flatstone pizza place where the girls got to make their own pizzas. Oh yeah, and a super cool candy store near the pizza place. We went to downtown Boise one evening and got Coldstone and let the girls splash in the fountain in front of the City Hall before deciding not to subject them to more "hot walking".

So, the girls did a lot of playing and I got to do a good amount of catching up with old college buddies, which makes it a good trip, all in all. Hattie spoiled us with good food and fun girl movie nights in our pj's. I think the girls had fun, too despite all the whining, but I suppose that is to be expected when you're out of your element.

I apologize for all the pictures being at the top of this entry, but my mouse is acting up and making it almost impossible to move them around.

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