Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mom & Daughters Adventure - Day 2

No pictures from day one seeing as we spent 9 hours in the car driving through most of Idaho. For the most part it was a good drive--ran into construction which irritated me, but the girls were mostly good, so can't complain too much. I probably won't do it again for a year or so, though, I just hate driving for that long.

Day two took us to the Boise Zoo. This is what the girls had been waiting for, so I figured we might as well start off with it. We stayed the whole week with my friend Hattie and she invited a friend of hers w/ her kids to join us, so we had a big ol' group of semi-whiney kids instead of two. I can't really blame the kids though--it was hot and my girls weren't use to that due to the mild summer we've had here--and they were hungry seeing as we didn't get any groceries til after the zoo excursion. Anywhoo, here are some pics...

Waiting outside the zoo for Hattie's friends to arrive.

The girls in front of a VERY LARGE bird of some kind, I can't remember the name. Some scavenger-type like a vulture but different.
One of the cute "teenage" giraffes that are somewhat new to the zoo. The girls LOVED them.

Lindz at the penguin exhibit.

Kera on an elephant.

The zoo was pretty fun, overall. I think the girls enjoyed it. Afterwards we went over to PF Changs for lunch, which totally made my day! And actually Lindsay said it was her #1 best place to eat, so she liked it too, obviously! To finish off the day we got some groceries and then got our jammies on to watch a movie all of us girls.

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