Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another example of our government messing with something that works

I had an appointment with my Naturopath today and was very surprised and frustrated to discover that the FDA is putting the cabosh on bio-idential hormones. In fact the one kind that I've been using isn't even available anymore. This is largely due to pressure put on them by a pharmacuetical company that just so happens to produce one of the major non-bio-identical hormones. You see this company's revenues drastically decreased after many women chose to switch to bio-identical hormones in order to decrease their risk of breast cancer. Remember all those news articles and medical findings about the linkage between artificial hormones and breast cancer? Yep. In fact those articles are what pushed me to even start going to my Naturapath. For one I felt like 30 years old was too young to be having to take a ton of hormones but I also felt very strongly about going a natural route if at all possible. Although my hormones aren't exactly all straight again (its a LONG story) I'm doing better than I was and I firmly believe that I made the right choice for my health. Now the FDA is working on taking away that choice from me and from the tens of thousands of other women across the US. It's ridiculous.
Check this out:
Preserve our access to bio-identical hormones and protect the right of the consumer to choose and the practitioner to practice without unwarranted interference by the FDA. On January 9, 2008, the FDA sent numerous pharmacies, large and small, an order to stop using Estriol, and the term “bio-identical” in their hormone replacement formulas. This is an unprecedented attack on compounders, patients and physicians because until now NO compounded drug component with a USP monograph has been withdrawn from circulation unless there has been evidence of harm to patients. Yet that is what the FDA is doing! If they can do it to Estriol, they can do it to anything they wish to! The FDA admitted in their press conference that there is no evidence of harm to any patient from the use of Estriol in compounds. It has been used since 1980, is available throughout the world in numerous prescription compounds approved by other nation’s FDAs, and there is even an investigational new drug application, approved by the FDA, that uses much higher doses of Estriol than is used in any BHRT formula.

That was from this site . You can go there for more information and for ways you can voice your opinion about this situation. I, for one, am going to write a letter to my Congressman!

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