Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Wow, I haven't been here since Christmas! Guess its been a little busy around here. :-) Well, the girls are now back in school and so that means we've returned to a sort of regular schedule, although it doesn't mean I'm any less busy. I do the books for my church and so I've been neck deep in all the quarterly tax stuff and figuring out the year end tax stuff which I've never actually done myself before. Most of my spare time during the day has been spent on that stuff, unfortunately. I had a goal to finish scrapbooking all of 2008 this month but I don't think I'm going to make it! I have about a week and a half and Erik and I are off to warm & sunny Mexico! So even though I'm extremely excited to get out of this weather and to spend a week with my hubby (and his folks), its being overshadowed a bit at the moment by everything that needs to be finished before we leave! Yikes.

Let's see, what else...

I am utterly in love with my new cell phone. I *heart* a full qwerty keyboard.

I started training this week for a 12k race...Bloomsday in Spokane! :-)

I'm sorta addicted right now to playing this game on Facebook called Geo Challenge. I'm determined to stay ahead of my dear friend Y.

I have some fun new goals for this year, maybe I'll share them later. lol

Mexico--We're going to Playa del Carmen, which is south of Cancun near the island of Cozumel. Its beautiful down there and although I'm not excited to wear my swimming suit, I'm so, so ready for some good food and warm weather.

Time to get the kiddos to school...

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  1. I'm doing Bloomsday too! I was checking out the website earlier today... Where are the girls going to be since you're going with E's parents? And what is your new phone? :-)


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