Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Day

Its kind of funny, although my kids love to open gifts, they aren't quite to the point where they can't wait to get up on Christmas day and open gifts. I woke up about 8 to find them watching a movie in Kera's room, almost oblivious to the fact that their stockings were filled just down the hall from where they sat. Lindsay had even gone out to the living room to turn on the lights on the tree and hadn't even noticed Santa's gifts. I'll relish that as long as I can because I can remember waking up early as a kid and waking up my parents in anticipation of opening gifts! I'll take the sleeping in thing as long as they'll let me.

So once I reminded them that they had gifts out there, they were all over it.

After gifts and a yummy egg casserole breakfast, we lounged around a bit. I helped the girls getting their new Webkinz set up online, which will probably be as much fun for me as for them! And Erik played on his new PS3 game (we've owned the console for awhile now and have only used it for blueray dvd's, but I got him a atv game and another controller for Christmas). Then we finally made it outside for some sledding, both mechanical and not before getting ready and heading over to my folk's for Christmas dinner.

This picture is hilarious--it was right before we went back inside, Kera is hungry and Lindsay's hands are cold from those stupid, worthless gloves she is wearing. I had to almost force them to pose for the picture before they went inside.

It was a wonderful Christmas Dinner and we all waddled home to watch Hellboy 2 before crashing for the night. Yeah, I know, that movie really captures the essence of the holiday, but it just came in the mail from netflix and it was either that or Wanted. lol
Now that the actual holiday is passed, its mainly just family time and relaxing for another week before the girls go back to school and I'm going to enjoy every moment!

Here's wishing that you all had a safe and merry holiday! :-)


  1. Aww! :) Glad that you guys had such a great Christmas! I hope that your 2009 is getting off to a great start, as well!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas...sounds a lot like ours here. Pretty laid back. We didn't go sledding since Chase is a bit too small, but soon!


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