Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I only have a few moments before its time to put on shoes, coats, gather backpacks and herd the girls out the door to the bus for L and then preschool for Kera, but I wanted to post a lil' reminder to get out and VOTE today.

I'm sure it would be really hard for anyone to forget, what with reminders being all over the internet, on the radio, tv and everywhere else, but for my friends & readers who are either extremely reclusive or busy, busy moms, don't forget to vote today! :-) Despite what you may think, YOUR vote really does count!

I've finally decided who I am voting for, but I'm not very excited about him--I just didn't feel overly supportive of either candidate this year. I'm just praying that God will put whoever needs to be in office, in office!

In other news, I'm still writing--I'm up to almost 6000 words. It seems like a lot, but only until you compare it to the 50,000 goal. In that sense I'm only about a tenth of the way there! lol. But I'm liking my idea so I am feeling confident I can come up with that much stuff--the time to write it will be the tricky part! I think I need to start putting in more words per day now to make up for the days I'll probably write nothing right around Thanksgiving. We're headed off to Sidney for Thanksgiving and some hunting for the boys and I don't foresee much individual free time then, although it will be great to see my family.

I'm also running more--working on building up my long runs--Sunday I did five miles and it felt great. I think I'll slowly build on it this winter as much as weather allows so that I have a great base come spring--I'm definitely training for the Missoula Marathon again, although I haven't quite decided if I'll do the half again or be really ambitious and go for the full. :-)

Alright, time to go! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!!

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