Friday, November 7, 2008

Black & White

My brother is here visiting from Germany for almost 3 months with his girlfriend and their new lil' baby. One thing my Mom made sure happened while they were here was a HUGE family picture. She wanted all of us in it. The only problem was that the portrait appointment was for a Saturday morning that Erik just happened to be riding his banshee at the Rexburg Sand Dunes. Oh well. I guess its a family picture minus one. Maybe we can photoshop his head in somewhere...
Anyway, I thougth I'd share a few of my favorites with you. All these pictures were taken by Jewel Marie Photography in Missoula. She did an excellent job and her prices are super reasonable. I would highly recommend her and may go back someday with my own lil' family. :-)

All the cousins. I love how she did the blue on the pants.

My siblings and I. Hodd, Me and Rosie.

My siblings, parents and I. Its probably been 15 years since we had a family picture like this.

My kids.

And the WHOLE family (minus one).


  1. Way cute! How did the one with your mom and dad and the big picture frame turn out?

  2. It turned out okay--there are 2 and the first one my parents look great but the pic inside the red frame isn't great, then the 2nd one my parents look not good (my dad's cell phone is extremely visible lol)and the inside pic is great. Kinda wish they could be flip flopped.

  3. There's no reason why she couldn't flip flop the pictures - they were photoshopped in the place!

  4. Kendra- your hair is so cute. I love the bangs!


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