Monday, October 13, 2008

Crafty Batty

Okay, so I said I'd post pictures of my foray into the art of homemade halloween costumes. I forgot to take pictures during and honestly I did it so simply that there wouldn't have been much to take pictures of anyways. That is, unless you'd like to see pictures of my fingertips covered with dried glue from the hot glue gun!

So, what I ended up doing was cutting two triangles for the space between the arm and body of Lindsays shirt when the arms are held out at ninety-degree angle from the body. Then I drew little wing tips and cut them out. Then I just hot glue gunned it along the sides of the body of the shirt and along the arm. It's probably not a long term stick, but it should work for Halloween. It looks cute while laying on the floor--I hope it looks as cute on Lindsay. :-)

Then I glued little bat ears onto a headband we bought for cheap. It kind of looks like cat ears, but hopefully the wings will convince people otherwise!

Overall, I think it will work. The real test is how well the picky eldest daughtr likes it all!!


  1. Cute! What's Kera going to be? ;-)

  2. Kera is going to be Cinderella...the dress is a hand me down from Lindsay, but I bought her a new wig, should be interesting!!

  3. Cute again! Hand-me-downs are not always a bad thing!

  4. I actually think it's kind of funny that Lindsay wants to be a bat. That just doesn't seem like her. :-)

  5. Wow, you really do jump on it, don't you? Makes me all warm and fuzzy! ;-)

  6. Awesome! I thought about getting all crafty this year, but when would I have the time?!?!


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