Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bon Anniversaire

October is THE month for birthdays. Starting today it will be one after another. I try to be really good about sending birthday cards--I wrote on all the ones for this month the other day while I sat at gymnastics so that I could try to be on time this month. I really need to start doing it every month, but for some reason this is the month that folks usually get a real card and not just an e-card. It might have something to do with the fact that my own birthday is this month and it feels kind of selfish to focus only on myself, which I suppose is even more reason to aim for improvement the other months. Anyway, Happy Birthday this month to My Mom, Hattie, Grandma, Lindsay, Deana, Staci, Andranel, Me, Uncle Bill, and Sacha and thanks to my handy, dandy perpetual calendar for helping me remember every year. :-) I hope I didn't miss anyone....

In honor of my Moms birthday, which is today, we (as in, the adults) are going out to dinner at the new Cafe Dolce and leaving the kiddos at my folks' house with a babysitter. So its sort of a date, yay! It should be fun.

A couple of funny anecdotes...

You know you are a parent of little girls when you can rock out in the car to Barbie soundtrack, singing along with almost every word and enjoying yourself.

The other day on the way to preschool, this is a conversation Kera and I had...

Kera: You remember Jack? I miss him.

Me: Oh, because you guys are in different classes at church now?

Kera: Yah. I like him. When I grow up I want to marry him.

Me: Oh, why is that?

Kera: Because he has a nice haircut.

:-) LOL


  1. A nice haircut is an important thing on a guy. ;-) Way to go, Kera!

  2. And thank you for the birthday wish! Happy Birthday to you, too! ;-)

  3. Hey the haircut makes the man! ;) Apparently it's true even in youth! lol


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