Wednesday, August 27, 2008

*small* Heart attack

Today was the first day of school and before I go off on how no one should have to start school before the "traditional end of summer" aka labor day weekend, let me just say that the weather was really crummy--cold and rainy-- so it felt right only for that reason.

First grade. The nerves were definitely not as heavy this year since it was the same school, same kids, same bus, etc. The only thing new was the teacher, who Lindsay just informed me is "really fun". So no worries, right?

Wrong. First it was hard to get Lindz out of bed despite her early bedtime last night. Then she didn't want to get dressed--didn't like the clothes we picked out last night (no surprise there since she's seriously the pickiest dresser I know). Then it was too cold to eat breakfast. She didn't want to wear the cute monkey sweatshirt she picked out weeks ago. She couldn't wear her backpack because it was too heavy and was pulling down her skirt. She just didn't want to go to school. You can see it in her face:
But despite the complaints, we got to her class just fine this morning. She was excited about the real locker she got to put her stuff in---all to herself and just like a big kid's. Then she was excited to see that her new teacher had arranged for her to sit right next to a friend from last year's class. She didn't really fight me when I told her I was leaving, so I figured we were good.

The only thing I was still nervous in my heart about was the bus. Yeah, the good ol' school bus drama. This year I had some trouble figuring out her bus numbers and stop times and ended up calling the bus company to make sure I had it right, but even then I was still nervous. The bus numbers were different, which didn't surprise me, but the routes were way different which worried me a bit. Her morning route is mostly the same except the bus isn't stopping at some of the same last few stops as last year, which only boiled down to L not getting to ride with her friend Julie, but not a huge deal. But her afternoon route, instead of being just a reverse order of her morning route, is completely different, basically meaning she'll ride the afternoon bus with all different kids except the ones getting off on her stop. It also means that the bus lets her off on the other side of the road than last year. I explained to her that she'd be riding with different kids, that the bus would come down the hill, but I still put a laminated card in her backpack( w/ all our contact info and the bus info I'd been given by the bus company) just in case.

So while she was at school I was mostly good. I spent the morning at a friends and then came home for lunch and did some housework and baked some zuke bread. With Kera gone my house was so quiet and almost lonely, so I was looking forward to Lindsay coming home. At 3:18 I took off down the road to get the mail and wait for her bus which was expected to stop at 3:23.

I got the mail, opened it and sorted it while waiting for the bus. Now it was 3:26, right about the time the bus landed last year so I didn't worry (too much). A neighbor mom showed up and we chatted about how hard it was to figure out the buses this year. Then, another mom pulled up and talked to this other mom about how their sons had gotten off at this other kids house because the bus had gotten to the end of the route without getting them to their stop. At first I freaked because I also noticed it was now after 3:30. I asked if any other kids had gotten off, but then we figured out that Lindsay hadn't been on that bus. But as those moms took off to find their kids, it was starting to rain and my heart was beating so fast (hence this blog's title)--so I ran home and got my car, figuring I'd call the bus company and go retrieve my child from wherever kids go when the buses are done with their routes. As I stop to turn out of our street, Bus #134 drives by and stops at the bottom of the hill, right near the bus stop. I can't see any little heads in their, but I figure I'll follow it if Lindsay doesn't get off. At first I think its not going to stop, that the lights aren't going to come on and the little stop sign isn't going to flip out.

But then they do. I pull over to the side of the road and run to the door of the bus that is opening, and down the stairs comes Lindsay with a look of fear and confusion on her face. As soon as she saw me I could tell she was fighting tears. The bus driver (in training, actually) hops down to reassure her and tells me what had happened. It turns out the driver is use to another route (well actually this route is new, so yeah that's to be expected) and that they'd been running a tad bit late (I'll say, it was probably 3:40 by this time) and because the route was different and the stop on the other side of the road, Lindsay had started to get worried when she didn't recognize anything, oh and she was the last kid on the bus (our stop is the last one on the route instead of one of the first like last year) so she hadn't recognized her stop till the bus had gotten to the bottom of the hill--when I saw it hesitate with the lights. So I double checked with the driver that this was indeed the correct bus, which it was, and thanked him for helping her.

Then this shaken momma shuttled my slightly shaken little girl home to freshly baked zucchini bread. (which I messed up and didn't let cool all the way before trying to get one out of the pan, resulting in a really messed up loaf, oh well, kind of fits in with how the day's gone.)

Now that my heart has returned to a normal rate and I've eaten way more zuke bread --someone had to clean out the bits and pieces in the pan--I'm ready to take a nap! But instead we're headed to Hong Kong Chef for first day of school celebration. :-)


  1. Oh my! Well I'm glad that it all turned out well, even if it wasn't the best of days. Hugs to both of you!!!

  2. All the little kids around here started school and they mostly weren't very excited either! Summer living had been pretty darn fun this year. Luckily our bus routes are pretty clear around where else to go! (although they are close to an hour!) Plus Carter will have several big cousins to help her out in a couple years Thank Heavens! Glad everything turned out ok, sending hugs your way!

  3. Whew! Glad everything work out okay. Bus trauma sucks!


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