Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random Thoughts

I heard parts of a debate on a local radio station a while back. It had something to do with how many folks use their bath towel once and then wash it vs. those that use it more than once before washing it. The DJ was very vocal about only using his once because he didn't want to wipe his face with a part of his towel that could've been on his butt the day before. At first I thought that was a valid point, but then I got to thinking...don't we use our towel after we take a shower/bath and get clean?? So even if we did use our towel on our rear and our face, both would theoritically be clean, right?! Think about it.


School for Lindsay starts tomorrow. She'll be in first grade which I find very hard to believe at times. I'm a bit nervous but not nearly as bad as last year. I dont think she's nervous at all now, though she probably will be tomorrow. Actually she'll probably just be annoyed at getting up early and going instead of lounging around watching cartoons.


Kera is up at her grandparents for the week, but she starts preschool next week, which is a logical time to start school after Labor Day weekend. I'm excited for her to finally have "her" school. I'm also excited for my 2.5 free hours I'll have in the mornings then.


I went to my nautruralpath (is that how you spell it?) yesterday and found out I have high cholesterol. *sigh* Its genetic and frustrating since I'm one of the most active and healthy eaters I know. So now I'm going on a strict lowglycemic diet, something about the insulin/fat interaction. A couple of foods moving over to the "do not eat" or eat sparingly list are bananas, carrots, sugar, milk, red meat and pork.

I hope it works cuz that sucks.


  1. I totally agree about the bath towel thing! It's a waste of money and water if you wash them after just one use! Shame on water and engergy wasters! ;-)

  2. Niacin supplements and eating oatmeal are also non-drug ways of helping lower your cholesterol...

  3. Well at least fish and chicken are still there. ;)

  4. me three, you can use your towel several times again. if you find your towel smells after you've used it, maybe you're not using enough soap! :)


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