Friday, July 11, 2008

"ice cream and cakey, cake"

So, this week was gymnastics camp for the girls--I signed them up back in May (i think) for a week of half day camp figuring that I'd be ready for some kid less time and they'd be ready to burn off some energy. I was right! :-) So all week we had to get up and get out the door to get them across town to play for a few hours before I picked them up. It was nice--one day I came home, another day I got groceries, wed I hung out with Yvonne and yesterday I worked for Erik a bit and then shopped at Target. It was perfect. Today was their last day and "show day" to show off what they learned to the parents. Lindz was quite nervous this morning about it but ended up doing great. Kera wasn't super nervous but ended up doing none of it in front of the us parents. Half of it was a group dance (one cute one to a summery song and another to a song called "ice cream and cake" which I thought was way cute, too), which she doesn't like to do and the other half was a little individual routine which she didn't do either. I was kind of surprised but didn't make too big of a deal about it because I want her to know its okay to have a preference. Part of me really wonders sometimes about her hearing---she had a test done back before she got the tubes put in and then it wasn't great but I had understood it was because there was fluid in there and that after the tubes she'd be better off. Unfortunately I never took her back in for a re-test so I don't know how she is. I don't worry about it sometimes--I know she can hear me when I talk to her but she's always asking either for music to be turned up louder or saying its too loud, so I wonder if her ears are sensitive or if she's just being picky. So with the whole dancing at gymnastics thing--even when she did lessons this past year she'd never do anything that was dancy---it kind of makes me wonder if its because she can't hear the music clear enough. I don't know, maybe I'm just being a paronoid mom. But anyway, here are a few pics I snapped:
Not sure if you can see Kera's expression, but its kind of funny!
Lindz showing her stuff on the mini bar.

The other day the girls decided they wanted to play outside in the sprinkler, so I snapped a few pics while thinking about the cute water/summer layout I can do for our scrapbook with them! Ha ha haI am tired today and trying to finish cleaning so that tomorrow can be all fun -- farmers market & marathon expo (Deep breath!!) in the morning and K's friend Samantha's bday in the afternoon. Should be a busy, fun day. Then, of course, Sunday, before the sun comes up I'll be running the half-marathon. I can't believe its here already--I know I'm physically ready but there is part of me that is a bit anxious and wonders if I really am ready. I guess I'll know on Sunday, though. My stomach jumps into my throat when I think about the race and there are these signs around town posted along the course and when I see one of those, my stomach jumps too. Its kind of weird! Right now I just want to do it and finish and be able to say I did it, hopefully with a good time! ;-)
And I can finally say "Yay!!". I have been driving Eriks red truck this week while my car was having some body work done and I got my car back today. I was so excited, I missed it!! Its small and easy to drive compared to E's truck--and cheaper too since it doesn't hog nearly as much gas. So yay!!


  1. All you got to do is show up and run your best at the marathon! Worry about good times and all the rest next time. For your first one, just get your butt there and have fun! I was the same way with snowshoe racing (which I really really want to do again in the future, but I need to be able to travel more!) I'm hoping to run next summer again--although I want to start with the little 5K's and work up to going back to the Bolder Boulder 10K which was so much fun. Fingers crossed! But first I have to get this baby out of me!

  2. Good luck on Sunday! You will be awesome.


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