Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Latest Adventures in Walking the Dog

Walking the dog nearly every day can bring opportunities for adventure. Here's a couple from this past week:

Walking Cody at Blue Mountain on Wednesday morning with a friend, we came across something I've never seen up there. Coming down the hill on a path we noticed two very large, dark creatures in the field beyond. I stopped in my tracks and said, "Wait a minute! Are those moose?!". Sure enough, they were. You can't really see them in this picture because my cell phone doesn't zoom very well. They are the large dots in the middle of those trees in the very middle of the picture. We decided even though they were far away that we'd turn and go back to the trail head another way. We thought it looked like either two cows or a cow and a young one, and neither one of those are animals you want to mess with. We didn't want our dogs to notice them and then cause trouble. It was pretty cool, though we watched them as we walked away and they seemed to notice us too. Their heads turned our direction and they finally turned and slowly headed up the hill. I'd heard that there were moose on Blue Mountain, but I'd never seen them til this past week. It was eerily exciting.

Today Kera and I took a walk in the field behind our house and it was super foggy and frosty. We admired how beautiful the frost could seem at times depending on how it stuck out from or clung to the grasses and bushes. She thought this one was particularly pretty.

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