Thursday, September 6, 2012

27. Let the girls call the shots (within reason) for one whole day.

One of the last full days of summer vacation became "Kids in Charge Day." Which didn't exactly give the girls the right to do everything that costs money, but more to let them call most of the shots and not hear Mom say "No". Now, for clarification, which I had to point out to them too, it didn't give them clearance to argue, be mean to each other or generally misbehave.

So, here's how the day went down:
They spent the morning watching cartoon episodes on Netflix streaming in their pajamas. 
Then we snacked a bit before going to the movie theater. We watched "The Odd Life of Timothy Green"
Came home to eat some ice cream sundaes before I prepared dinner. 
After dinner I soaked and massaged their feet and gave them little pedicures. 
I think they probably watched more Netflix at that point.

It was fun, pretty easy and not too out of control. I think it just might become a summer tradition because Mom liked it as much as the kiddos did. :)

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