Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goal Completed: #35 Take a Family Trip to Glacier

Last Friday, June 29th we loaded up the pick-up, hooked up the pop-up camper and hit the road. We weren't even really sure where exactly we were going, just that we'd be camping for the weekend. We had some limitations on where we could go, one of which being that we'd be heading to Erik's folks' place on Flathead Lake afterwards, so we wanted to be sort of in the same direction as that. I've made it pretty clear to Erik that I wanted to take the girls to Glacier this summer, and I was thinking it would be a much more planned event, but when he mentioned Thursday night that maybe we should just go to Glacier, I was thrilled. We didn't totally even decide till we left, but we did finally settle on going there. 

Just to be clear, I'd never just settle for camping in Glacier. I absolutely love it and think it's one of the most beautiful places God has created, but it's totally not Erik's thing. He doesn't like paying for camping right on top of someone else and all the rules that are entailed with camping in a National Park. So although I'd imagined a week to explore Glacier's glory w/ my kiddos, I wasn't going to snub my nose at 3 nights if Erik was up for going!(I did milk our three days as much as possible, and I'll be posting another entry on more of what we saw and did in Glacier.)

Lindsay had been to West Glacier and Fish Creek to camp before when she was like 3, so she didn't remember much and Kera had never been to Glacier.

I've been there more times than I can probably count including a whole summer during college that I spent working at the lodge in East Glacier.

So, YAY! I can cross of Goal #35 Take a Family Trip to Glacier!!! :) Thanks Erik!

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