Monday, July 9, 2012

Exploring Two Medicine

Our first full day in Glacier dawned bright and clear. We had a yummy camp breakfast, drank some coffee (I love camp coffee) and did some exploring. The girls and I walked down the road to the Ranger Station to get information on becoming Junior Rangers, (which is the only request the girls actually had for the trip), checked out the lakes and the Camp Store.
A great view of Sinopah on our walk

The girls and Sinopah

Yes more Sinopah. I love that peak.

Rocky hillside

Sinopah and Two Medicine Lake 


During our walk, the girls and I decided we wanted to do the boat shuttle to the other end of the lake and the guided hike. I thought it might be fun, interesting and not too committed of a hike for the girls. So we walked back to camp, had lunch and packed our hike gear and changed shoes. Told Erik about it and he decided to join us.

Waiting for launch time...

Still waiting...

Waiting and monkey-ing around.

The boat, named Sinopah, in which we would ride across the lake.

Sitting in the boat.

Views from the boat....

This was actually a picture of two goats, a mama and her young, but it's so far away they just look like white dots. In real life they were actually moving along the rocky face, it was pretty cool to watch.

On our hike to Twin Falls...

The Falls

The mosquitos were pretty mean on our hike, but they are also the only wildlife we saw. :(

We spent about a half-hour enjoying the creek and falls.

I didn't realize it at the time but I'm getting very burnt as I stand here....

The girls throwing rocks into the creek. Nice sideways picture...

View from the other end of the lake coming back to campground.

And as we headed back to camp, I had to snap another picture of good ol' Sinopah in the evening light.  It's beautiful, isn't it?

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