Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today I am grateful for my kids' health. Kera woke up before six and came into my room to tell me she felt like puking. I sent her back to bed w/ a garbage can just in case. At 7a.m. she said she didn't feel good enough to go to school, and because she loves school and would much rather go than stay home, I believed her. I kept her home. She snacked a little on some fruit and gf cereal throughout the day, but never really ate a meal. She spent most of the day watching streaming cartoons on Netflix or playing a computer game. She'll probably be fine tomorrow to go back to school. Although she had a "sick day" today, it makes me grateful that overall, my kids have excellent health, especially when I think about all the children and families who deal with things much worse than a belly-ache on a daily basis.

Lindsay joined in on the Netflix watching when she got home from school. :)

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