Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grandma's Afghans

My Grandma, whom the girls affectionately call "Great Grandma Donna", came to town recently. I'm grateful that my mother's side of the family is fairly close, as a result I probably get to see my Grandma at least once a year, whether it's her coming here or us going there. 

Grandma has a ton of grand kids and great-grand kids. So many that I can't keep track, but she's always thinking of us which amazes me. There was one year she crocheted strawberry shortcake dolls for all us cousins, that was back when I was a kid and there were only seven or eight of us. She's always remembered birthdays and Christmas for all her many grands and greats, too. Recently she's had a goal to make or give an afghan to every one of her great-grand kids. She was forgetting whether she'd given the girls any blankets yet so she asked me to take pictures of the girls w/ their blankets so she could remember which ones they'd gotten.

Lindsay's blanket is a little more special because my Grandma didn't make it, her mom (so My Great Grandma) made it. 

So that's pretty cool, I think.

Lindsay likes her blanket.

Kera likes her blanket too.

I think my Grandma is pretty stinkin' good at making afghans and thoughtful to give them to her great grand kids. Now my kids will always have something to remember their Great Grandma Donna.

Do your kids know their any of their great grandparents?

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