Friday, February 24, 2012

Homemade Cleanliness

I was on fire this week when it comes to all things homemade in the cleanliness department. My laundry room was in desperate need of cleaning and re-organization, so I took the opportunity to cull out some old/chemical laden cleaners and make my new "no poo" cleaners!

I started w/ an all purpose cleaner. Once again, I got the recipe from WellnessMama. (I'm really starting to love that blog!)

All I needed was borax, washing soda, liquid castille soap and essential oils were optional, but who wouldn't want to smell a nice lavender scent while cleaning!? The washing soda and borax I found at Target, and are probably at any drug store. I ordered the castille soap from Mountain Rose Herbs, but I've seen it in the natural food section at my local grocery store, too. I found the spray bottle for cheap at Shopko.

I put my new all purpose cleaner to the test today when I cleaned the tops of my kitchen cabinets, which get coated w/ dust mixed with grease. All it took was a tad bit of elbow grease with some spray and a scrubby and now my cabinet tops are whiter than they've been in a long time! I also used it in the girls' bathroom and it cleaned the sink and counter beautifully. I'm keeping it!

Next, I whipped up a homemade "oxyclean stain treater". Anyone with kids need a laundry stain treater  and I was all over trying something cheap that works. 

All I needed was some hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and water. Oh and an opaque spray bottle, but the hydrogen peroxide one works perfect just add a spray top!

I've tested it but don't have anything to report as I've yet to fold the clean clothes sitting in the hamper. This weekend, probably. I put it to quite the test, I used it on Lindsay's blue sweatshirt that she wears all.the.time.

Next up on the list was homemade laundry detergent, even though I still have a large container of store bought stuff. I was going to wait til the store stuff was gone but I got impatient.

This time I needed baking soda (that big bag I found at Costco for way cheap/weight), borax, washing soda and soap (I used Ivory).

And this is what I came up with for a holder. I overestimated how big of a container I'd need, but it works. (It's a pet food container w/ a sealing lid). I'm in the process of testing the detergent right now and will let you know how the laundry looks once I get around to folding it. (That really is the worst part of doing laundry).

So, there you go. Have you switched to any homemade cleaning/laundry product yet?

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