Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's Cookin'? -- Nov 27-Dec4

And we're back to normal this week. Nothing but work and school and good eats,(without all the extra goodies). We're simplifying this week and getting back to basics for several reasons. One, I'm doing a 6 week challenge and need to eat as clean paleo as possible; Two, it's coming on the holidays and I want to make sure the food at home is clean to counterbalance all the *ahem* junk my family will surely encounter!

Our Menu for this week:

Sunday: Sausage and Peppers 
Monday: Fish Sticks and Tartar Sauce (Paleo Comfort Foods) with Green Salad (This tartar sauce is seriously so good I could eat it plain by the spoonful)
Tuesday: Au Jus Roast in Crockpot, Frozen Veggies
Wednesday: Enchiladas (Paleo comfort foods) with leftover shredded beef
Thursday: Leftovers and Morning Glory Muffins (PCF) for Book Club
Friday: Onion Soup (PCF) with Homemade Bone Broth, Grilled Steak and A veggie
Saturday: Chicken of some sort
Sunday: Taco Night

Apple stuff-- I have a boatload of apples to deal with. Applesauce for the freezer is one thing, am trying out fruit roll ups and will research some other ideas. 

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