Friday, August 19, 2011

God's Ever-changing Masterpiece

We are blessed to live in a house that is not only warm and really low maintenance,

but that also has great views out the large picture windows in the living room and dining room.

Sure, you can see the houses behind us, but if you look up and over those

you can see some of the hills and mountains that surround our little valley.

And sometimes those hills and mountains make for some impressive sunsets.

I love that we have a God who loves us and wants us to enjoy our surroundings. I mean, seriously, he could've created a Earth that was only flat, green prairies or only white, snow covered tundra. But he didn't. He gave us valleys, mountains, rivers, deserts, rain forests and everything in between. And then he covered all that with so many different plants and animals we could never see them all. And then he made the sky with clouds and sun and moon that even if we got tired of what we saw on land, we'd have that ever changing masterpiece to gaze upon. I'm so grateful for God's creativity for us and that he has allowed me to live where I can witness it so vividly.

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