Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dragons and Yogurt

This week has been nothing short of exhausting and my lack of blog posts probably makes that pretty obvious. Kera has had pottery camp in the morning which has meant instead of lazying away in our pj's for half the morning, we've had to actually get up and get out the door at a reasonable hour. It's also involved driving across town twice to drop her off and pick her up, which eats up a ton of time. Mix into that schedule my bodily exhaustion due to the half-marathon on Sunday and Erik being gone for two nights (I do not sleep good when he's gone) and you have one tired Mama. 

So, today after picking up Kera from pottery, we decided to go to a kids' play area called Dragon's Hollow to let the girls burn off some steam and me relax.

I packed some snacks for "lunch" but they weren't too big of a hit, so I made the executive decision to walk two blocks and try out a new frozen yogurt place that I've been hearing quite a bit about.

Yowaffle was everything we'd heard and more.
At least eight flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from, enough to make it a tough decision for Lindsay.
Then all the toppings you can imagine from every type of candy bar, fruit, crackers, cereal, gummy bears, and every flavor of sauce. You make what you want and then they weigh it and charge you per ounce.

The girls were in heaven choosing their toppings. Kera got carried away and ended up not being able to eat all of hers--too much sugar/chocolate I think. Lindsay and I were more self controlled, but still, not exactly a sugar free choice.

It was delicious and I ate every bite of mine.

And then I helped Kera finish hers.

And now all I feel like doing is taking a nap!

We had fun, though, and I think it was good to do something different.

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  1. That's what summer is made for - impromptu fun and lots of frozen yogurt! Sounds fun!


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