Friday, May 6, 2011

Overcast Moments

You know those times where you are reminded of a friend or loved one in a simple mannerism portrayed by another, completely random, person? The times when your barista reminds you of your aunt for some reason or when the jury member down the row makes you think of your high school boyfriend? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Well, a long time ago I had a moment like that and I wrote a poem about it.

This poem was published in my chapbook, "Struggle and Peace" in 1999. I wrote it my senior year of college.

Overcast Moments
by Kendra Maurer

I saw you today in the gentle flick
of a wrist,
hesitant laugh.
You sat two desks down,
I could hear your soft voice in
her hesitation.
Your long absent smile appeared in my mind
for a moment
then disappeared behind
cold cloud of reality.

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