Friday, May 13, 2011

Massage Thoughts

 Last year about this time my mother-in-law "won" a free massage at this salon at a school fundraiser, but since she doesn't live here, she gave it to me. I'd never been to this particular salon for anything. I get my hair done at a different one and have had a couple massages there as well, but nothing regular. I got regular massages all during my pregnancy with Kera, and it totally helped with my sciatic pain and just the general feeling of bleh when you're prego. The icing on the cake, however, was when I went in for my last massage on my due date and she worked on the pressure points in my feet. I went into labor that night. I'm positive those regular massages and especially that one last one, helped me go into labor naturally. Sarah, the massage therapist during my pregnancy, is actually my favorite, she does an amazing job, but unfortunately she got a "real" job and quit doing massage. *sigh* So, I hadn't found any therapist that I really liked enough to justify the expense regularly.

Until I used that gift certificate. That massage was wonderful! I think I went back at least one or two other times after that, but then school was out and my schedule isn't as flexible with the girls home and then I was trying to cut down on expenses. Let's face it, massages are expensive and don't really belong in the "necessities" category. So, when on Mother's Day, my father gave me, my sister and my mom each gift certificate's to that same local salon,  I knew immediately that I was going to use that certificate for a massage.

I went in on Thursday for my hour of pampering and it was simply wonderful. In an attempt to really relax, I usually refrain from talking during a massage. Eh, I'm not much of a talker anyway, but my gauge on whether a massage was really good if I almost fall asleep, and you can't sleep if you're talking, so I usually just lay there. I definitely got relaxed this time, but I found my thoughts totally randomly rambling.

They went something like this....

  • Ooh, this massage table is really warm.It must be heated.
  • I hope she comes back quickly so I can pick up the girls on time.
  • Did she really say to take off everything?
  • Wow, that feels really good. Why don’t I do this more often?
  • How can I fit this expense into my budget? I could stop getting my hair professionally done and spend that money on massages instead. Who cares what my hair looks like. It would be a looks vs. feeling thing, because regular massages would make me feel really good.
  • Who am I kidding, I can’t give up my hair appointments! 
  • Maybe I could justify this expense quarterly...
  • Huh, guess I’m really tight right there since she’s been on that spot for a while.
  • Her hands must be super strong, mine would be tired already by now. Must be something you work up to. Probably learn that in massage school.
  • Relax, Kendra, this won’t do any good if you don’t relax.
  • Hmm, maybe I should reconsider doing massage school.
  • Nah, I don’t want to be giving massages to other people all the time, it’s not like I’d be giving them to myself. I’ll just stick with being a client.
  • Whew, that is one hot towel!
  • Zzz...Oh wait, am I drooling?
  • That sachet smells really good. Is that lavender? Maybe it’s eucalyptus. I don’t know, I just know it smells good.
  • I wonder if she’s ever had to give a massage to someone who had horrible body odor or something similarly disgusting.
  • I’m glad I took a shower before I came here, especially since I went on that run.
  • Oh my legs are kind of sore, that feels wonderful.
  • Ack, my feet…they’re ticklish.
  • Hmm, that seems like the same song has been playing this whole time. I wonder if she gets special massage music that plays for an hour so she can gauge the time.
  • I wonder how much time has passed. It’s probably almost time to be done, but I am not going to open my eyes to look at the clock.
  • I wonder if the ceiling looks like the other place I use to get massages. Nope, not gonna open my eyes to find out. Still relaxing, enjoying this for as long as possible.
  • Oh, she’s doing the whole neck, scalp ear thing, mean she’s almost done. Already? Bummer.
  • Wowzer’s, my hair feels really crazy.
  • Perfect timing! Hurry, get up and get dressed so you can pick up the girls in time. 
  • Aw man, wish I could just lay here a bit longer. Nope, get moving!

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