Monday, March 21, 2011

Boys are so....different

I'll be the first to admit that I really have no clue how to raise a little boy. Thankfully, God saw it fit to give me two daughters! I think that it was for the sake of my husband that we got two girls--he's such an little boy stuck in a man's body that having two little girls helps balance him out. Or maybe God knew I'd go crazy if I had any more "little boys" in the family!

Either way, I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters and so far, so good with raising them. I can easily remember how I felt about certain things as a little girl, which sometimes makes things easier to deal with or relate to. I have a lot of friends and family members who have boys and so I have had the opportunity to be around little boys quite a bit and have noticed the ways they are so different from girls. The way they interact and play together and even what they play with, it's all so different than girls.

For example, this weekend we had the privilege of watching my three year old nephew for overnight and most of Saturday. He's a cute little kid and we've spent tons of time around him, so he's comfortable with us and plays great with the girls. They spent a lot of time outside, which is great. The moment when I realized just how different boys are was at bedtime, however. He was a little sad and teary, asking for his mom and dad. Me, being the compassionate auntie that I am, tried to console him and point out how fun it was to have a sleepover with his cousins, etc. I had him lay down and told him to try to go to sleep, then I went to read in my room, hoping he'd stop crying and go to sleep quickly--I felt bad for the little guy! A few moments later, Erik got out of the shower and heard some rummaging around in Kera's room, he went to check it out and found my nephew still tearful and Kera getting him a Kleenex. (What a good big cousin she is!) I didn't hear the exact words, but Erik basically told him to "suck it up" and go to sleep. I cringed a bit thinking about how his three-year old little self was just sad for his folks but let Erik be in charge. Surprise, surprise--that is exactly what he needed and he was quite and asleep in no time. In the morning he woke up happy and perfectly fine. 

That, is how boys are different. My nephew didn't need the coddling that I was use to giving my girls, he just needed a no nonsense "get over it". I honestly don't think that would've worked had he been a little girl. And I also don't think I would've thought to even try that method, I'm so plugged in to how to raise little girls! I don't think I could be "tough" enough to raise a little boy!

Have you ever noticed distinct differences like that between your sons/daughters?


  1. I don't have girls, but that's pretty much how I raise my boys. No coddling (to a point, they want snuggles and kisses when they are sick and sometimes just because), when they fall down I don't rush to their side.

  2. Kendra, we have 2 boys and 2 girls. We noticed the difference when we had our first son and all our friends were having girls. The girls would play quietly (or sometimes not quietly), talked clearly at an early age and obeyed quickly or atleast quicker. Our little boy was never quiet, he even made noises in his sleep, he wasn't really talking clearly til 3, and he had his own time frame for everything, including obeying. We learned that if we wanted to get his attention we had to literally go over and touch him to get his attention. Boys and girls are different but Thank God they are different :)

  3. I have two little boys as you know. They're fantastic and I can't imagine having daughters now that my house is so full of boys...even the dog is a boy! They're always exciting and full of energy, that's for sure. I've learned a lot about how to speak their language. I can totally relate to Erik.

  4. My girls are distinctively different from my boys. Both of my girls are strong and moody. Both of my boys are well, boys. Hyper and loud! Ha!


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