Thursday, March 31, 2011


I ran across some older pictures the other day, actually these suckers are almost 9 years old because they are of my eldest, Lindsay, as a baby.

She was so little back then! Now she's got less than a foot to grow before she's as tall as me. *sigh*

I remember feeling such awe at this sweet little baby.

Oh my word, Erik looks quite a bit younger too. 
I think having kids gave us both some extra wrinkles & grey hair.

Ah, there's the infamous "gaki". 
 I enjoyed looking at these and reminiscing. 

I think its cool how she looks like both Erik and I. 

She was so cute. She's still cute, actually. I just can't carry her around on my hip anymore.

And completely unrelated to Lindsay as a baby is this picture of our neighborhood. This was taken almost 9 years ago, as it was in the folder with Lindsay's baby pictures. This was before all the houses and park were built down below us. Look at all that green grass and fields!

Now that I'm done reminiscing, time to go to the girls' Parent-Teacher conferences and find out the true answer to, "How was school today?". :-)


  1. Such great pics, Ken! Thanks for sharing! I'd never seen Lindz as a baby. So cute! Still cute, but baby pics are so fun!

  2. Hey Kendra. Can you believe they were ever that small? Great pix and thanks for stopping by quasiagitato!


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