Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Type A much?

You know you are just a tad bit "type A" when you're response to, "just leave me a post-it note on what to do" turns into this.....

Well, I know Jessica and the girls will have coffee while we're gone, if nothing else!

Ha ha. Just kidding.

I also filled the freezer with food and left detailed instructions on pretty much everything else.
You should've seen my sister when I handed her the girls' schedule that I typed up and printed out for everyone involved in the caretaking of my children during our absence. She said something like, "Are you serious?". Yes, as a matter of fact, I am serious! I decided it would be way better to be extremely detailed and type up everything than to leave anything up for question. It's not like Erik and I will be a quick/easy phone call away if there was a question. My theory was that overkill was better than halfbutt.
And yes, I may have had a teensy bit of anxiety this trip when thinking about leaving the girls, so that might be part of it too.
But they'll be more than taken care of and everyone willing to help should have all the answers at their fingertips so it's worth all my anxiety and hard work.
Now I have one afternoon & evening of quality time (as well as suitcase packing) with my girls and then tomorrow we'll be off. I'll be thinking of all you winter folks while I'm reading my new kindle poolside. :-)
Off to the beach,

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