Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Handmade Gift Exchange

Not too long ago, I happened upon a handmade gift exchange over at Craftaholics Anonymous. I love cute little handmade gifts, and since I've been doing my fair share of beading, I thought it would be fun. I signed up and not too long after that I got the name and address of my exchange crafter, Alyssa. We exchanged a couple of emails to find out a few things about each other--which (hopefully) helped in figuring out what to craft and send to each other. As soon as I found out she liked green, I knew exactly what to make her. I've had these cute green beads in my stash just waiting for the right project. Now, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the green necklace I made her, so I can't share that with you. But, I can share pictures of what she made me! I just got it in the mail this morning (well, it would've been yesterday afternoon but our mailperson is quite late these days). I'm so excited to share it with you...

A cute hairclip--I cannot wait to let my girls try these, they are SO cute!

Not one, but two hairclips! I love the fabric flowers! :-)

And a super cute washcloth. It has "Make-up" embroidered on, so my guess is that its for taking off eye makeup--since its dark colored it won't stain! How genius! :-)

Thank you Alyssa!! They are wonderful!!


  1. Glad you like them! I will get a picture of the lovely necklace - thank you very much, I put it on as soon as I opened the package. I love it, I just have to keep my little one from breaking it.

  2. Kendra,
    Pretty hair clips! and that cloth is genius! What fun gifts you got! thanks for sharing. I love seeing what everyone made.
    happy crafting!
    PS the next handmade gift exchange will be this July. I hope you'll sign up again! :)


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