Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yes, I have been avoiding you. I've checked email and even played a few computer games, so I've had the opportunity to visit you, dear blog. I just didn't. You see, I hate to show up empty handed. It's not that I don't like you or enjoy your company, its just that I've got nothin'. Nothing creative in any sort of way to share. Nothing yummy that I've cooked. No funny stories about the girls. No random discoveries.

Sure, life has continued on the past week or so, but there's just nothing to share. It's all the same ol', same ol' and despite the title of this blog, sometimes sharing nothing is just downright boring.

I'm sorry. I promise I will be back when I've finally conquered this battle with the blah's that is still plaguing me. Either that or when I've finally caught up on my to-do list that seems to be never ending.


  1. I totally understand. My blog has been lacking in creativity lately. I will be here whenever you post!

  2. It's days like that I go totally random. You'd think I had ADHD and I probably do...
    Or I dig into my memories and tell an embarrassing story of my youth. That'll fill a blog!

  3. I sort of went through that recently too... and I could barely get around to those who were visiting... just too busy... too burned out.. whatever! anyway... I started cooking more ...and joining in on the Letter Alphabet challenged... which is helping me pull out my (broken) Camera more!! haha! Hope it comes back! I am guilty of not visiting if I don't see folks in my inbox!! (LaZy!) =) I just scanned your last 4-5 posts... I have been missing blackberry scones *YUM* and eggs in a hole.. and pumpkin cheese cake! =) My recent thing is trying to bake the yummiest ever pumpkin scone! =) 2 tries... both fine... they just didn't wow me!! haha! alright...
    blah blah..=) The Flower Fairies feel more magical to the girls b/c they wonder "hey...maybe they are in the flowers or the trees" ... So sweet! =) and they are KIND!! love that!~ =) they were great birthday & christmas presents for us for 2 years!


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