Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Foam Rollers

If you are around my age than you probably at one time or another as a child went to bed with a head full of these:

Foam Rollers.

Although mine were pink and a little bigger than these, pretty much the same idea. After a bath, mom would sit down with me and these and a comb and diligently roll all my wet hair in them right before bed. Then, I'd have to try and sleep while wearing them. I can still remember moving my head ever so gently so I wouldn't lose any rollers just to find a comfortable position to sleep in. It wasn't super comfortable, but it was so worth it in the morning when mom would unroll each wonderful curly tendril.

I tried this same idea with Lindsay a couple times, only using braids. But it just didn't have the same effect. Her hair ended up looking like I'd crimped it and was sort of bushy and frizzy. So, when I saw a couple packages of foam rollers at Shopko yesterday, I eagerly bought them up and brought them home. I showed the girls and since it was bath night, they were both game to try them.

Putting them in was easy, it only took about 5 minutes each and I started right after bath so their hair was pretty wet to begin.

Don't they look cute with their heads full of rollers?

Then it was bedtime. Lindsay immediately complained about the rollers and asked to take them out. I said yes, I wasn't about to force her to wear them. Kera complained a little but went to sleep. I figured that Lindsay would regret taking them out once she saw Kera's hair in the morning.

When Kera woke up I was impressed to see that she'd kept all the rollers in! I eagerly unrolled them and she had one head of CURLY hair! She wasn't too impressed with it at first, maybe because it was too curly and short? Anyway, I combed them out with my fingers and then convinced her that if we pulled her half-bangs back and left the back all curly, it would look cute. She let me do that but kept saying she just wanted to wear a hat. I thought she looked adorable, and maybe she'll warm up to it. I told her that she'd surely get lots of compliments, and that just be what changes her mind, that and the curls relaxing a little as the day goes on.

I think it turned out oh so cute!


  1. Oh yes, I remember the pink sponge rollers. My mother put those in my hair quite often. I never was successful with my girls with these though. Your daughter's hair turned out lovely!

  2. Such beautiful curls!!! There's also rag curlers that are easier to sleep in.
    And I haven't seen a Shopko in ages!! They used to have one in my hometown, but they went away.


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