Friday, September 17, 2010

Sometimes you just have to do it

Erik sent me a text yesterday asking me to pick up some pepto bismal and saltines on my way home from a playdate I'd taken the girls to. Needing those two items is never a good sign. So, despite my desire to feed my family only whole, real foods, I honored his request and picked them up. I honestly can't remember the last time I bought saltine crackers. I stopped because there is no nutritional value to them and because both hubby and the girls could sit down and eat a whole sleeve at a meal. They love them. But I know how miserable you can be when sick, and sometimes a saltine is truly the only thing you crave, so I brought a box home.

Luckily and thankfully, he never got as sick as he thought he would but he still opened a sleeve at dinner. At that point he was still "iffy". The girls saw it and immediately wanted some, so I got out a new sleeve (didn't want to touch anything he had just touched!). And, because you can't just eat saltines plain, I got the butter and some jelly.

Yes, I just said butter & jelly. But, you don't put them on simultaneously. You take turns. One cracker deliciously spread with butter, then the next one with jelly. We used elderberry jelly.

They are so good like this.

The girls and I ate cracker after cracker.

Until I realized we'd almost polished off a whole sleeve. Then I put it all away and proclaimed we'd had enough. The girls were happy and our bellies were definitely full.  It was wonderful, even if it was totally not healthy at all!

Sometimes, you just gotta break the rules!

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