Monday, September 27, 2010

Girls' Weekend Getaway

The gals in my family very rarely get a chance to hang out just us, and so my Mom planned a girls weekend getaway for this past weekend. On Saturday morning Mom, my sister Rosie, my brother's girlfriend Tanya and I drove about 3 hours west of here to stay here for the night. But, before actually arriving at the hotel, we stopped and shopped at several places. Shopping in Spokane is way superior to shopping in Missoula for many reasons, three of which being Kohls, Macy's and Nordstroms. ;-) Oh and we also got to eat lunch at P.F. Changs, which is one of my all-time favorite places. After one bite of my chicken lettuce wraps I said that I was happy and could go home--the trip was complete. Hee hee!

We were seriously impressed with our hotel. It just opened in like Dec09 so it was in great condition and very clean. It was really nice. The casino part was typical of a casino, we ate at a greasy sports bar with a HUGE television playing football. The food was good there but nowhere near healthy. After dinner we retired to our room for a brief respite. Mom decided to go to bed and Rosie & Tanya wanted to go down and get a drink. I wasn't exactly ready for bed so I figured I'd go with the girls and hang out for a little bit. We sat at this bar across from one of the entrances, the bar had these large windows as walls so we just sat and people watched for a little while. There was a concert at the place that night so the variety of folks was quite wide. It was seriously entertaining. Tanya wanted to watch some Karaoke, but we found out from the waitress they only did it on Tuesdays or something like that, but that there was a dance club across the gaming floor. So, we decided to check it out.

We arrived at the dance club and it was fairly empty, the DJ was playing techno and no one was dancing. We thought it was kind of lame, but thought we'd wait around just in case. We were also waiting for Tanya's sister to get off work and join us. I'm so glad we waited. After a bit the DJ started to play some current pop music and more people started to arrive. Later he played some classic 80's/90's and even some Michael Jackson and so the dancing got good. The dance floor was pretty full most the time after that.

I don't really ever go out. I would honestly just rather cuddle up in my pj's with a good book or watch a movie with Erik, so I don't think I've gone out dancing since I was in college. Which would've been about eleven years ago. So to say that I was hesitant to actually dance would be the truth. I'm not exactly coordinated to begin with, you know. But the gals I was with all got out there and I realized that everyone that was dancing (remember the wide variety of people coming in? That wide variety was on the dance floor too--folks both older and younger than me, as well as smaller and larger, it kind of reminded me of the beach in Mexico) and that who cares if i dance like a dork, I wanted to get out there. So I did!

Tanya, Rosie, me and Dawn (Tanya's sister)
It was a ton of fun. I guess dancing hasn't changed that much in 11 years because I don't think I stuck out too badly. And towards the end of the evening I was having fun just dancing to all these songs I liked and Rosie was saying she was ready to go, and I kept asking that we stay for one more song. It was like I had a 2nd wind or something, I wasn't tired at all. It was funny and so unlike the early to bed me. I guess I had forgotten how much I enjoy dancing.

We look super dorky dancing here, it cracks me up.

This picture CRACKS me up. No, I wasn't sleeping on the dance floor, Rosie just caught me with my eyes closed. This was one of the "just one more song" dances. Maybe I was more tired than I thought!?

We finally called it a night around midnight, I think. The next morning my Mom treated us all to spa treatments--Mom, Tanya and I got pedicures while Rosie had a massage (her first ever). The spa was really cool and relaxing. After that we checked out, went downtown to do some more shopping and eat lunch and headed home. It was a fast weekend, but it was so fun to just get out with the girls, eat some great food, do some shopping and burn some calories on the dance floor. I'm glad my Mom planned it. I am seriously blessed to have these gals in my family. I love them!

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