Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday

Hohum. I almost thought about skipping this post today. But then I remembered why I am even blogging about my weight loss, or lack of this week. I am writing about it here to keep me accountable, so I will write about it even when I don't have good news. Oh, well, I suppose its good news as long as I am not gaining, right? So being the same as last week would be okay, I guess. I'd definitely rather stay put than gain, but the whole point of this is to see the scale move downward, so I'm not totally happy.

I know why I haven't lost any weight this past week. I wasn't doing a stellar job of tracking my calories, for one. I baked yesterday and it doesn't matter what diet you are on, eating four or five (I lost track!) freshly baked zucchini bread muffins isn't good. Sure I did great at breakfast and even lunch, getting into my salad for lunch habit, but then I went and ruined it all at dinner. I think I need to work on consistency throughout the day.

As for working out, I am still doing it. Last week was sort of a maintenance week on the P90X thingy, so the workouts were less intense and then we went up to the lake on Friday and I didn't workout on the weekend. Well, I held onto the tube behind the boat, but that's doesn't exactly count. I'm still trying to take it really easy on the running so I only did it once last week. I am sort of looking forward to school starting because then I know we'll be around here more and I can stick with my workout plans even through the weekend. Until then I just gotta keep on keeping on though. I'm feeling good and the waistbands on my pants keep getting loser and loser, so I know something is going well.

I think I'm going to start giving myself goals for the week ahead, just little things I want to try and work on. This next week I want to do the following:

1. Take my vitamins everyday. I forget so easily but I want this to become my habit.
2. Count my calories throughout the whole day at least 5 days this next week. I know we're going camping on the weekend which will be my non-count days.

So there's my accountability. How about you, how are you doing?


  1. You're a lot farther along than I am. My move is consuming me. I hope to get back on the wagon in the next week and truly start to become more accountable. You have some good goals heading into the next week.

  2. Your posts could come from me, I have the same battles. Dave and I just ordered P90X and I'm really excited about it though I did read that the first month you shouldn't expect to lose a lot of weight but to keep with it because the results come later. Since you're doing muscle work have you considered a fat monitor so you can see if that changes even if your weight doesn't?

  3. I don't have a fat monitor, but I do take measurements of key places (waist, hips, legs, arms) for the same reasons. I've had times where I dropped several inches but no weight, so I'm definitely aware of the possibility. I guess I just didn't think about tracking that here!


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