Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School

Today is the kiddo's first day of school. They were eager to get up this morning and go--in fact Kera has been counting down the days for the last 2 weeks. It was so cute, when I went in to wake her up this morning, as soon as she realized I was waking her up, she smiled and said, "School!". She was so cute. Lindsay wanted to hit the snooze button, but then I asked her if she needed her bedtime pushed back to 8pm again (in honor of 3rd grade we moved it up to 8:30) and she said no and got up. (ha ha, tricky mom!)

It feels so nice to get them off to school and have the whole day ahead of me to get things done. There's just something about the whole routine of school days that lends itself to a little more disciplined life, I think. Sure, summer vacation is fun and we get to spend time together, but its mostly fun and games and I don't get much "work" done, so its kind of nice to get back to it. I really hope that the girls enjoy their day at school as much as I'm already enjoying my day alone! :-)

Here's to a wonderful first and third grade years! :-)

Oh, and a funny little thing that happened this morning. Last night we picked out clothes, each girl choosing at least one of their newly bought items. For Kera it was jeans mixed with a couple tops she already had and her new slip-on shoes, for Lindsay it was this super cute top and bottom outfit. Well, this morning came around and Lindsay wanted to wear her old black pants (complete with holes in the sides) with her well-worn black footprint shirt. I don't want her wearing all her old raggedy summer clothes to school, but those don't look too bad and I didn't want to argue with her. So I told her to go ahead. It was also a good reminder to me, in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter what my kids wear (as long as they are clean & appropriate) what matters is that they are happy. And this morning, Lindsay was happy to wear her worn but loved clothes to school and that made me happy.

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