Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cliff/Diamond Lake

We're back from our weekend camping trip. We had a wonderful time in a completely beautiful place. Here's one picture that kind of captures our weekend. The girls are sitting at the fire pit, so this beautiful lake was our view each night. The girls spent hours and hours playing in and around our campsite with nothing but sticks, rocks and their imagination. We hiked and fished and cooked and ate in the company of Erik's folks who joined us for the weekend. We also had the company of two interesting creatures, you can see them behind the girls in this picture, right on the edge of the water. A Mama Moose and her young frequented the camp, even woke us up one morning with her Mama sounds to an exploring youngster. We saw them each day, in different places, even got to watch them swim across the lake a couple times. It was seriously cool. (And a little scary at times, Moose are unpredictable animals, especially a mama. So we made it a point to keep our distance and everything was fine.)

Now, off to finish laundry and all that comes with unpacking after a successful camp trip.

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