Saturday, July 10, 2010


It is official, I am not running the half-marathon this year. And I'm finally okay with that. I need to let my leg heal completely so I can run for the rest of my life as opposed to running now and possibly not run again ever. A month ago I was down about it, but not so much today. So, instead of running 13.1 miles tomorrow, I watched the girls run 1.2 miles today as part of the Kid's Marathon. I gave them the option of not doing it. Honestly, both Erik and I would've rather gone camping, but I figured since I'd already paid for it, I'd leave it up to the girls. They both wanted to and Lindz even had high hopes of being the first one across the finish line.

Their run didn't start til 11 am on a day that the temp is suppose to climb to the 90's. The sun was shining in force and made the sidewalk/cement feel like the sahara desert. It was awful for a run.

Lindz didn't "win" but she did great, running mostly all of it and coming across the finish line with a totally red face. She was proud of herself, so that was perfect. Erik kept Kera company on her run, since it was her first ever, and I guess she didn't want to run at all and they even turned around early to come back. Despite the fact that she didn't complete the whole thing, she still got all the finishing perks and I told her I was proud. Turns out she didn't like it much, which is okay, at least she tried it to find out, right?

This picture is at the end, you can tell by their expressions how different each of their experience's was!!

I am not sure if I will go cheer on my friends who are running tomorrow, two of which it will be a first. We may have had all we can handle of the crowds and the parking downtown fun today.

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  1. I'm sorry that you aren't able to do the half when you've been training so long for it, but I really think that you need to be downtonw tomorrow to cheer the other girls on. You are a HUGE part of why two of them even started running and I'd bet $$ that if they weren't able to run and you were, they would be down there for you. It's just one morning of being a little inconvenienced.

    Way to go to your girls for doing their run! I'd bet I'd be as miserable as Kera after I did it too.

    Love you girl.

  2. Yeah I know. I think I'm gonna position myself along the course, at around 7 miles and then closer to 12, and cheer on the girls as they go by. That helps me more than having someone at the finish, so that's what I'll do. Me and the girls are making signs for them toO! :-)

  3. That'll be awesome for them! I hope you guys have a blast tomorrow and I'll pray for cooler weather for everyone involved!


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