Thursday, July 15, 2010


My cousin is getting married on Saturday in Eastern Montana, and for the past few weeks we've been going back and forth on whether Erik would be able to join me on this trip or what day we'd leave, if we'd bring the tents or camper, etc. Well, we finally figured out on Tuesday that he could come and we'd leave Wednesday at noon. Since I didn't have a whole lot of time on Wednesday for anything but packing and getting out of town, my weight loss tracking on here will have to wait til we're back in town. I totally forgot to weight myself Wednesday and there's no way I will do it today after spending all day in the car yesterday or while I'm "on vacation" because we all know how hard it is to eat healthy when you are away from home.

So anyway, we got here last night around ten pm, which made for a long day but its sure nice to not have to get back in that truck today. Its so nice to be at my Grandma's, too. She's lived in the same house for as long as I can remember and there's been so many fun family times here on the farm. It just warms my heart that I can bring my own kids here to see their Grandma and play with their cousins just like I did as a kid. I love that this side of my family is close like that.

When we pulled up last night and got out of the truck, I noticed something. It was too dark to see anything really, but when I breathed in, I could smell it. Even though I see myself as a writer, I've never been able to successfully describe how things smell besides the obvious things like cinnamon, mint or dog poo. So I can't really explain how it smells, but the air out here at my Grandma's smells wonderful and has always smelled like this. I don't know if its the trees, open air, crops growing all around or what, but its just the smell of the farm to me and I love it.

The girls went with Grandma to town this morning, so when they get back I'm hoping to take them on a little walk and get some pictures of this area. It's so different from Western Montana, but its still beautiful in its own way. Hopefully I can share that with you.

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