Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Around here you know it's summer (or not winter, at least) when one thing special happens, the local Dairy Queens open. Sure, we have one in the mall, but that one doesn't count. It's the drive-up/walk up ones that are only open in the nice months that are traditional signs of summer around here. We took the girls to one last night. Erik is off to the sand dunes on Thursday for a long weekend, so he wanted to do something fun with his girls while he still could, so we ate an early dinner and drove across town to the walk up Dairy Queen.

It's a cool little building off one of the arterial streets running alongside the "university" area. You walk up and order, and then you can either take it somewhere or eat at the little red picnic tables they have set up in a grassy, shaded area. On hot summer nights the parking lot will be hopping and the tables mostly full. This DQ is within walking distance of a really cool park, so that adds to the appeal.

Kera chose a cherry sundae.

Daddy and his caramel sundae.

Lindsay digging in to her caramel sundae.

After a cloudy day, the sun finally came out for our ice cream trip.

After we ate our ice cream, we headed down to the park where the girls played until it was time to head home so they could get to bed at a decent hour. I seriously can't wait til they are done with school and we don't have that bedtime hanging over our heads.

We had a fun evening, there is just something about getting out of the house and doing something different than the normal routine, especially when doing it as a family. :-)

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  1. Looks like a wonderful outing to me!! =)
    I love days like those!


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