Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whoa, freaky.

Yesterday I was up at O dark thirty to go for a long run with my running friends. I don't enjoy getting up super early on the weekends, but its good for running: there are less cars on the road and it gets us ready for the early morning start of the marathon. So, I was on my way to leave my car at the  end of our route and catch a ride with Claire to the beginning of our route. I had to stop at a red light, waiting to turn left onto South Avenue. There was no other cars on the road, except for this one that I noticed coming towards me in the outside lane. The burgundy car had its right hand blinker on, but it wasn't turning or slowing down. In fact as I watched it, I thought it was going really fast. So, when my light turned green, a green arrow that only I had, I hesitated to go. I thought, maybe this guy isn't going to stop and I didn't want to turn in front of him.

Sure enough, within seconds he was barrelling through the intersection, no sign of slowing. After he had passed, I made my turn and thought that maybe I should report him. Speeding through a red light at 6am, well I must admit I thought maybe the driver was sleeping or drunk or messed up somehow. But I didn't know who I'd call to report it and I hadn't exactly made note of his license plate. I figured with as fast as he was going, he'd probably be miles down the highway by the time I talked to anyone. I was glad that I was paying attention enough to not turn in front of him, and I was thinking that when I jumped in Claire's car with her and headed to our starting point.

I shared my story with the other gals and got a story in return. On her way there that morning, Sonja had seen a car practically wrapped around a telephone pole at the intersection just south of where I'd seen the car. She said it was a burgundy car and that it was a horrible looking wreck.

I immediately got chills. I just knew that the car she'd seen was the same one that had zoomed past me, and I become even more grateful that I'd not gotten into a wreck. If the driver was indeed messed up, I'm probably really lucky that he didn't swerve in and hit me head on or something.

Talk about freaky.

On a positive note, all of us showed up to run and we did our whole 10 miles in the rain. It was exhilarating and tough all at the same time. I was exhausted all day yesterday afterwards, but so far I feel pretty good today. I'm getting excited for the race, and actually sent in my registration earlier this week, so I'm committed. It should be a great run this year, all that exposure in Runners' World is making for a lot of other runners giving it a whirl, I think.

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