Friday, May 7, 2010


I just got home from a massage. I can't even express how wonderful I feel right now. I have been thinking about getting acrylic nails again, but after I got a massage a month ago as a prize from this thing at our school, well, I'm thinking that I'd rather have a massage regularly. All this working out I've been doing, I think a massage every couple months is a worthy investment. My neck/shoulders, which have been tweaked, feel wonderful and my post-Bloomsday legs really enjoyed it. Yeah, I'm thinking this might become regular thing.

I've been a baking fool this week. Besides the banana bread I posted about, I also made home-made (duh!) granola bars, goldfish-type cheese crackers and am gearing up to finish a batch of chocolate chip cookies. All gluten-free. And so far, all wonderfully delicious. Someone tell me how in the heck I am suppose to lose weight by eating this way?


This weekend my mom graduates, from the Nurse Practioner program at Gonzaga, and all she wanted for mother's day (how convenient its the same weekend) was for all of us to come see her graduate. So, I'm back on the road to Spokane tomorrow. In the meantime, her 3 sisters and mother are here and there's a big ol' family dinner thingy tonight. Its always wonderful to see my aunties (pronounced "ahnties" not anties, my mom's sisters are not bugs) and things tend to get a bit crazy when they are all in the same spot, it makes me laugh. But seriously, I love my whole family and its always great to see them for a celebration like this.


In the next month of school, I have
  • two spring music programs to watch, one of which I need to make some sort of fish costume
  • one ballet recital with dress rehearsal
  • two kindergarten field trips
  • one day with no kindergarten (its the day next years' k-garteners meet the teachers, etc)
  • several volunteer times at the school in each kiddo's classroom
  • Memorial day weekend camping trip (woohoo)
  • Lindsay's birthday (which includes all the gift shopping, cake baking, cupcake baking & bringing to school, etc. It's never just one day)
  • Throw in a couple Bible Talks, church and all my "normal" responsibilties and you've got one full schedule.


Is it June yet??

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