Friday, February 12, 2010

All Things Red (almost)

Just call me Domestic Diva, this week at least.

First off, I cleared out Kera's room in preparation for her new-to-us bunk bed that Erik's parents brought down over the weekend. She'd been sleeping on the trundle that actually belongs under Lindsay's day bed, so I jumped at the chance for her to have a real bed when they offered to bring it down. So, we had to move the trundle back into Lindsay's room and clear out enough space in Kera's room to set up the bed.

Kera was excited to have her own bed, especially since its a bunk bed. She's not safe enough to sleep up there yet but her and Lindsay have already put many hours of playing in up there. I will probably let Lindsay sleep up there on the weekends if she wants. I was impressed that Lindsay wasn't very jealous or feeling left out when Kera got the new bed, usually that is something she struggles with. But I think its because she can play up there, and she loves that.

Secondly, I planned Kera's kindergarten Valentines party. It wasn't that hard, I actually only had to call the other moms that had signed up to help and tell/ask them what to bring. Kera's class this year has an abundance of helpful, volunteering moms this year, so it was pretty easy. I planned a game just in case we have time and then I made Jello Jigglers in the shape of hearts. I dont think I've ever made them before and I was shocked at how easy they were! Talk about easy snack and I bet the kids will like them. I sure do. The only thing is that now my fingertips are stained pink. Which I suppose will be okay since today is the party, guess its the right color for a Valentines party. ;-)

Remember how I said I was prepared for Valentines day a bit back? Here is a picture (finally!) of the cards we made. See how the pencil kinda looks like the arrow? How cute is that? And perfect for the large writing typical of kindergarteners!

Thirdly, I got inspired to paint my laundry room. I honestly don't know where the inspiration came from, but when Erik left on Wednesday for his snowmobiling weekend down in Island Park, Idaho (I think) I decided I'd do it while he's gone. He's not a big fan of painting and the kitchen was a disaster while I had everything from the laundry room in there and I know he wouldn't have enjoyed that. Also who cooks while their painting? Not I, so yet another reason to do it while he's gone. So, anyway, on Tuesday I did some looking online for decor ideas and then on Wednesday I made a quick trip to Walmart and Shopko for some organizational ideas. Then Thursday I finished getting the paint and everything else I needed and then painted the rest of the day. The room is pretty small, so even with two coats and having to work around the washer and dryer, it didn't take too long. I don't enjoy painting, it kills my arms and I hate climbing up on the ladder to get the tall spots, but I lived. I fnished putting everything away today and I'm really pleased with it. I wonder if Erik will even notice when he gets home! hee hee

See the tan? Yeah.

More tan. My ultimate plan is to replace the blue basket with one of those cool three-sorter laundry hamper things. I think that would look sweet.

Okay, I use to have a wicker organizer/cupboard thing on the wall where that picture is, but it was breaking and I took it down. I love how more open it is now. I bought that ironing board hanger, but decided it wasn't sturdy enough for my ironing board. I stuck the iron in there and then used the little hooks (meant for the ironing board) to hang my re-useable grocery bags which are pleased to finally have a home.

I bought the blue basket thingys to organize all the crap stuff that I store up on that shelf: extra rags, cleaners I may never use again, plant fertilizer, large bags, etc. I think it looks much cleaner with those things. Erik likes his cordless drill in here too so I put it in that cute wicker basket. lol. Then I got two little basket thingies to organize my rags and little things that go on that little shelf, it kindof brings it all together.

The new picture says, "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Always" and its blue and tan, so its perfect. I kind of like having a little inspiration in a room I spend SO much time.

The only thing left is to hang our Mexico plates once I get the hangers. I think I'll put them on the wall next to the door, in that first picture. I love my "new" laundry room, it makes me happy.

Okay, so I'm gonna finish out my domestic diva-ness now by vacumming and mopping the kitchen and then dusting!

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  1. Found you via Farmgirl Paints. Noticed you live in Missoula. We recently moved to Montana from California. We love it. Your laundry room turned out lovely.


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