Sunday, October 25, 2009


This weekend I had a birthday, turned thirty-three if you must know. Friday night we went to my favorite chinese food place in town with most of my family, which was fun. But what I really wanted to do was relax with my girlfriends, no hubbies and no kiddos. So, last week I sent out a few invites and then yesterday I cooked little tiramisu cups and crab/artichoke dip and opened a bottle of wine. Then some of my friends came over and we ate and drank and talked and relaxed. It was wonderful. :-)

One of the wines I picked up. I couldn't resist the name, not that I'm an angry housewife, but the label cracked me up.

My dear pregnant friend Yvonne with her wicked witch of the west socks. Isn't she cute?

My friends and I. This is before I asked Erik to take a close up picture. How come men aren't very good at taking close up pictures?

My friends and I, close up. :-)

Now that birthday week has passed and I'm sort of feeling healthy, its time to jump back on the healthy eating/workout bandwagon. I think I look sort of like a chipmunk ready for winter in those pictures! ;-)

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