Thursday, August 6, 2009

Big Arm

After our adventures in Hungry Horse, we drove on over to Big Arm to spend some time at Erik's folks. His sister D and sister K with hubby B and daughter Sawyer were all up from Reno for a visit. Its always nice to see them but this time was especially cool since Sawyer's 2nd birthday happened to land right in the middle of their visit. We dinked around with them for a couple days, swimming in the lake, getting skunked at fishing, driving up to shop in Kalispell and eating lots of yummy food. It was a really nice time spent with family.
The girls warming up after a lake swim and shower by watching a movie.
Erik's mom, sister K and the birthday girl.
Erik's mother and sisters.

Lindsay pouting about something. Look at how sympathetic her mother is. ha!

Kera's turn to pout. What it is about a birthday party that brings the best out in children?!
Now this is more like it! Since we had no wind for kites, the girls used footpower.

The girls sitting amongst the 50some balloons blown up for Sawyer's party.

Daddy's girl!
What a good time we had. :-) Now for the rest of August we have some camping planned, maybe one more trip to the lake and the girls and I will head to Boise to spend a week in 2 weeks. We can't wait to see Hattie, Staci, Laurie and Katie and to visit the Zoo and such. Then we'll be home and getting ready for school to start. I can see the summer winding down already even if it doesn't feel like it! :-) Oh well, we'll be doing our best to wring every last minute of it. Now, off to make zuccini bread out of the tons of zuccini Karen sent home with me!

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