Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun at the lake

We headed up to Erik's folks in Big Arm on Sunday after finding out that his youngest sister & toddler had shown up, although we'd already planned to go up, we weren't going to leave til Monday after Kera's dentist appointment, but changed it to get some more time in with his sister. We had a great time up there, some highlights included:

Getting skunked fishing not once but every time we went out. Not even a bite, for anyone!

Seeing an osprey with wriggling fish in his talons fly right overhead on one of our unfruitful fishing trips.

Eating lots of yummy fresh food including raspberries, lettuce, potatoes, snap peas, and beets.

Picking lots of fresh raspberries.
Learning and helping make a fresh batch of raspberry jam with Erik's mom.

Eating fresh raspberry jam for breakfast!
Swimming in the lake that is finally warm enough to enjoy.

Swimming with the kiddos in the lake.

Reading a book. (The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory--great if you like historical fiction)

Playing with my cute almost 2 year old niece.

Going for a run with the lake as my views--nice!

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